5 Things To Check During Rental Apartment Walk Throughs

Cemos Studios   •   Feb 3, 2017

SSo you’ve been looking for a new apartment to rent, and you’ve found one in your ideal location and that fits your budget.
Make sure you do a walk through, and take note of these before signing that lease!

  1. Check if everything actually works. Look for electricity, lighting, and plumbing problems if there are any. Turn on the light switches, if you have a phone charger with you – try the sockets and power outlets, open the faucets. Make sure they all work, and if they don’t, ask if the landlord will be the one to take care of repairs.
  2. Check the cabinets, especially the ones in the kitchen. Check behind and under the refrigerator as well. Pay special attention to corner areas. Make sure there are no rat droppings, leftover pest traps, and other signs that indicate a pest problem. Sure, every now and then a cockroach might come out of nowhere, that is almost unavoidable. But if you see any indication of a historical pest problem, you might want to think twice about getting the apartment. Or at least have your landlord fumigate the place before you move in.
  3. Check for wall cracks and unaligned doors and windows. You want to make sure that the apartment won’t crumble during earthquakes and other strong natural calamities. Most new buildings are earthquake proof, but if you are looking at an older apartment, this is an important step you wouldn’t want to skip.
  4. Talk with the neighbors before you sign. In case you see some of them around on the day you did your walk through, try chatting them up to learn about what kind of environment the building or area has, what are the major disturbances that happen if there are any, and what are their constant building concerns (repair issues? Garbage issues? Maintenance issues? Security issues?).
  5. Check available parking space. Will your unit include parking space? If not, how much will renting parking space in the building be? Is there available parking on the compound or in the street? Make sure you will have space for your car.

These are just some of the things you should take note of when doing a unit walk through.
Once everything is okay and you’re ready to sign on the lease and move in, remember to go through the agreement thoroughly – you don’t want to miss the fine print and end up locked in a contract you don’t want.
Happy apartment hunting!

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