5 Things That Will Help You Sell Property Faster

Cemos Studios   •   October 26, 2017

No one wants their property listing to go stale on the market. Here are a few tips to help you generate more buyer interest and move your property faster.

  1. Price it right
    If you think pricing it high to make room for negotiations works, think again. Most of the time, high prices prevent buyers from even getting in touch with the agent / seller right off the bat.
    Underpricing makes you lose money, and overpricing turns away potential buyers. Make sure you price it just right so that you get more interested buyers with enough profit margin for you.
  2. Make sure it is available for viewing
    You lose a buyer’s interest if it is difficult for them to set a date and time for viewing. As soon as you decide to put it on the market, make sure your schedule is mostly cleared so that you are available to have the buyers view it at their earliest convenience.
  3. Improve Curb Appeal
    Make sure that as soon as a potential buyer sees the property, they would want to go inside and own it. The outside is what draws the buyer in, so make sure that the landscaping has been taken care of, that all painting jobs are done, and that the doors, windows, fences, gates and everything that is visible upon first look at the property is in good condition.
  4. Remove Clutter
    The buyer will want to see the how they can potentially use the place, so it good if you can de-clutter the property. Remove construction materials, personal things, and other “clutter”.
  5. Have professional and appealing materials to show
    To get a buyer interested in the first place, you will usually have listings placed online or in the newspaper or wherever else you can to make it visible to an audience. Having good photos, a floor plan and other materials they can peruse to know more about the property is always a good thing. With professional materials and more images and information about the property, the more likely you are to gain their interest and trust.

Keep these tips in mind and watch your listing generate more interest and get sold faster!

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