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Photo Editing

Professional photographs of your listing will provide added emotional impact and engagement with the property, which translates to quicker sales and less time on the market. It is often worth the cost of hiring a professional photographer with real estate experience and expertise, as it is estimated that professional photography can sell a home up to 32% faster. This statistic is provided by a 2014 study done by VHT Studios, the largest network of real estate photographers in the United States.

The attention span of consumers is less than ever before and a quality photograph will catch attention fast. It is estimated that you may have only 3 seconds to catch the attention of your potential market. The human brain processes visual information faster than written information- up to 60,000 times faster.

Twilight Dusk Effect

Twilight Dusk photos increase click-through-rates by 300%. A breathtaking sunset view will make your property stand out from the rest.

With the twilight dusk effect, a perfect sky is guaranteed every time no matter what the weather conditions are. The original photo can be taken on either a sunny or cloudy day.

A twilight dusk effect shot should be used as the featured image so that online users see it first. This will make the property stand out compared to other listings. The extra attention will result in more clicks which means more leads, more offers and happier sellers.

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation is a service we offer under Photo Editing wherein it involves transforming or altering a photograph using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results.

Digital De-Cluttering/Item Removal

If something in the photo is ruining your shot, simply have it digitally removed. Maybe you want to remove the artwork on each wall or declutter a bedroom. Removing extra items can help make a space seem more attractive and welcoming.

Clutter can detract from an image and make a space look unappealing. Clearing away mess from a kitchen bench or removing extra furniture can really transform a space and allow potential buyers to see the true beauty of a home.

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